Many experts are predicting water to become the most important resource in the next few years. Right now more than 10% of the world doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. Fortunately, there are organizations that are fighting to bring clean drinking water to these people.

Combining an emphasis on hygiene and clean drinking water, has seen a lot of success creating healthier communities along with local organizations. They also give provide micro-loans to people that want to build sustainable water systems like wells.

Columbia Water Center 

CWC focuses mostly on the research end of the water problem. By employing researchers and scientists in agricultre, hydrology and engineering to find region specific solutions to water management.

Waves For Water

Waves For Water believes that helping communities that struggle with getting clean water is easy, especially for the nomad surfer archetype. They have a large membership base and many in the surfing community sympathize with their efforts.


By trying to solve this problem with direct means, this charity takes existing technology to build sustainable wells and filtration systems in developing countries. 100% of the donations they recieve go to these efforts.


MIYA takes an interesting, innovative, and effective approach to water conservation. A large and previously underserved problem with water management in developing countries is the infrastrure already in place. With millions of cubic meters of clean water lost due to poorly maintained infrastructure, MIYA aims to solve a huge problem.


Water Is Life tailors each solution to the community they are trying to help. They combine short-term solutions like providing water filtration technology, with long-term solutions like hygiene education and other water management solutions.

Three Avocados

An interesting hybrid non-profit that sells fair trade coffee from the same regions it turns around and helps with building water conservation and management projects.