A Ticket Forward is not your typical charity, so its story should be no less interesting.

Jordan Axani, a Canadian real-estate developer, recently posted on Reddit about breaking up with his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher. Axani had purchased non-refundable tickets for a short trip around the world for his then girlfriend. So he pleaded with the internet to help him find another Elizabeth Gallagher to join him on his trip so someone could use the tickets.

Axani and his new friend, who actually has a boyfriend, leave on Sunday from John F. Kennedy airport in New York. They will be visiting three different continents and six major cities on the three week trip.

Axani did not mean for his plea on Reddit to go viral, in fact, he says he’s normally a private person. His post on Reddit turned out to be a friend’s idea during a dinner party. In a gracious response to all the kindnesses he’s received as a result of the viral post he’s decided to start a travel charity.

What is a travel charity? The crowdfunding charity aptly named, A Ticket Forward, gives life-changing trips to people who don’t have the money to travel. The charity has already raised a lot of awareness and earned a partnership with Marriott. A Ticket Forward has already helped four people achieve their dreams of traveling the world. One of those is a terminally ill mother who wants her children to be able to see the world, a chance she was never afforded.

Axani became so popular throughout this process that he appeared on Good Morning America where he said people actually offered to change their names to come on the trip. A total of 18 possible Elizabeth Gallaghers reached out to Axani. The Elizabeth he chose volunteers often and for that reason seemed like the best choice.