The Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options (JAFCO) is a non-profit known for their support and services toward abused and neglected children in South Florida. JAFCO was originally founded in 1992 to care specifically for at-risk Jewish children, but it has grown in scope to provide services for any child in need. They have established partnerships with families and the community to provide a all-inclusive child welfare program that can be scaled and replicated in other communities.

Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options

When a child loses the stability of a family, it can be a debilitating time filled with hate, frustration, and emotional suffering. JAFCO aims to help every child in the healing process while giving them safe and loving homes. That’s why JAFCO offers a comprehensive Foster Care and Adoption Program as well as a Jewish Children’s Village.

The Foster Care and Adoption Program provides the actual care and support while the Jewish Children’s Village provides community nurturing with delicious Kosher food, Shabbat dinners and services, and an integrated Hebrew School. The idea is to teach these children about being Jewish while also giving them some community support and fun holiday celebrations.

JAFCO has developed a full range of medical and support services, including the Children’s
Emergency Shelter, the Special Needs Program, and the Family Support and Family Preservation program. The Family Support and Preservation services have already expanded to JAFCO’s Philadelphia office to help in the Northeast Communities.

JAFCO is accredited, and has been re-accredited every three years, by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities. This means that their staff has continued to demonstrate the highest standard of care in the child welfare industry.

JAFCO is also a proud beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families as a Child Placing and Child Caring agency. JAFCO is also strongly connected thanks to a partnership with ChildNet and Our Kids, and received generous funding from the Children’s Services Council.

If you would like to get involved, you can sponsor a JAFCO event, volunteer your time or money, or create an endowment in your family name to save children’s lives for generations to come. You can also join the exclusive JAFCO Godparent Circle or fill a Chanukah wish list to ensure that these children receive gifts around the holidays.