Itai Kathein, Philanthropy

Itai Kathein, Philanthropy

Itai Kathein has supported several important causes over the years. As a President of a technology company with over 120 employees, Itai has often leveraged his company’s resources and staff towards benefitting others in need and making a positive impact on the community.

Itai and his employees were not just effective in positioning the company as market leader in the industry, but also as active contributors to some truly remarkable projects.

Itai Kathein Philanthropy

To encourage participation, Itai designated company days to rally its entire employee base to volunteer their time during work hours.  One of the most such memorable community events was the partnership with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that helps build and repair homes for those in despair.  The company’s entire workforce rolled up their sleeves and helped build houses for underprivileged families. Ultimately, these company wide days went beyond fulfilling a sense of social responsibility but also offered effective team building opportunities.

Other successful initiatives were the company’s food drives. Itai organized a friendly competition among small teams in the company to see who can donate and gather the most food.  Company sponsored prizes were often a catalyst for surpassing goals. In the midst of a Miami Heat championship run, the winning team  received tickets to attend games.

One of the ways Itai achieves high turnout and participation is by encouraging employees to select local foundations and charities that they personally have an interest in and would like to see benefit from the company’s initiatives. As a result of such programs, the company donated computers and other equipment to a local orphanage and adoption center as well as local community shelter.

In addition, Itai and his business partner Eyal, have backed charities committed to the fight against cancer. Two organizations that benefited in particular from annual commitments are Revlon Run/Walk and Relay for Life.  The company employees have proudly  participated in more than 10 fund raising walks.

On a personal level, Itai and his wife Lital have been advocates of various charities supporting children’s causes. They have participated in fund raising events , including JAFCO, Chai Lifeline, and Florida Children First. They are strong believers in fostering a future generation of giving and have encouraged their own children to get involved in such initiatives.